Designing of Divine Acoustics speakers takes countless hours of listening and months of research and development. Even the smallest details are taken into account and nothing is left to chance. Every part of the speaker - the driver basket, cabinet and its materials of construction including crossover elements, type of connections and many other small design details often over-looked by competing manufacturers, - is carefully selected based on both science and extended listening sessions.

      For more than 15 years of "learning" the art of building speakers, apart from using and respecting well-known principles, Divine Acoustics have developed and utilize their own technologies.

      CRC design (Cabinet Resonance Control design) is a proprietary technique expertly designed and implemented to enhance cabinet rigidity while significantly reducing unwanted vibrations. It was designed to obtain the proper enclosure-to-speaker integration and to minimize vibrations and parasitic resonances.

      The CRC system (although a time-consuming and laborious process) proved essential in elevating loudspeaker performance to another level of accuracy, refinement, delicacy and tonal realism.

     Every speaker generates vibrations when operating. This process creates resonances in the speaker basket and is transferred to the magnet system. Vibrations of the magnet system generate distortions within magnetic field, where the speaker coil is moving. The effect is increased in distortion which results in compromised sound quality.

      To counteract this, in the Divine Acoustics laboratory BAD (Basket Accurate Dampening) system came into being. It is a system that provides optimal operating conditions for the drive-units. It minimizes unwanted vibrations that are transferred from the diaphragm through the suspension to the magnet system via the speaker basket.

      The modification of the speaker basket removes parasitic resonances resulting in a major improvement in the sound quality of the transducers, before they are even mounted into the speaker cabinet!

zdjecie tmi - zrzut z cada
    During many hours of listening sessions Divine Acoustics has developed the TMI (Tweeter Multilayer Isolation)system which effectively isolates the tweeter from the cabinet. The appropriate combination of materials with different structures, densities and damping properties allows the tweeter to operate at its absolute best. Reducing cabinet vibrations from reaching the very delicate and light vibrating elements of the tweeter pays huge dividends in clarity and high-frequency “focus”.

     Thanks to this damping system, high tones sound smooth, natural, and very detailed at both low and high volume levels.

    The crossovers of all Divine Acoustics models contain custom designed SGP - Single Ground Point system. It assumes that all the connections related to the ground for entire electrical configuration of the speaker crossover, and also all wiring connected to the ground is gathering in one single point. It prevents to create unwanted potential differences between the elements of the electric filters.

    Using of single ground point considerably increases the sound quality of speaker system, enhances its transparency, micro dynamics and naturalness of the sound.

    Thanks to RF-path (Resistors Free path) system, the signal from the amplifier to the tweeter is passing only through high-quality capacitors with precisely matched value. Signal path does not contain unnecessary resistors or voltage dividers. All other elements of the crossover for the tweeter, creating an 2nd order filter with correction of impedance, are connected in parallel with the signal. This solution significantly improves the resolution and clarity of reproduced high frequencies.


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